Creative arts at bridgepointe

It is our desire to do everything that we do with complete excellence. We believe that the Lord has given each of us gifts and abilities for which we are to use to glorify Him. In the creative arts ministry at Bridgepointe, everything we do is meant to give glory to God and help others experience the grace, truth, and love of Jesus Christ.
We believe that worship is our response to the ways that the Lord has, is, and will continue to move in our lives. We refuse to give God anything less than our best because He gave His best for us. Our purpose is to help lead and champion worship of the Lord in the context of the local church. 
Everything that happens on stage on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights happens because of our tech team. They put together the graphics, program lights, coordinate the service elements, mix the sound board, and so much more.
The drama ministry is not intended to merely entertain, but to spread the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to reach and love all people  through powerful productions whether on stage or through video.