Attitude of Gratitude

"Give Thanks" Thanksgiving Dinner (Nov. 20th, 2019)

This is the season to be reminded of all the Lord has done. This last week, we had our own little Thanksgiving gathering for Refresh SM. We were blessed to have an abundance of food provided by our Refresh leaders. We spent time eating, laughing, and talking about the things that we were thankful for.

During our devotional time, we looked at Luke 17:11-19. We get to look into a story from Jesus life. We see men that have had their lives ruined by a horrible disease. In this story, we see that Jesus blesses them with a wonderful gift. He rids these 10 men of the disease that is killing them. Once they see that they have been healed, only one returns to Jesus to praise God for this miracle.

We read this story and we are easy to judge the 9 that went on, without coming back to thank Jesus. We think, "How could they be given something so great and not give gratitude to the one who gave it to them"? Sadly enough, we are often those 9.

God has sent His perfect Son to die on the cross for our sins. To save humanity, not condemn it. This disease called sin is running rampant through us, without Jesus intervening we are heading to death as the lepers were. We are happy to accept the gift that can cure us, but we are not quick to bring recognition to the one who provides it.

During this Thanksgiving season, lets be the one leper that returned. Let us praise God for His deliverance and how He has provided for us. He has blessed us beyond anything any of us deserve, and He still is not done with us yet. We are His sons and daughters. Let us show Him above all else that He is the biggest blessing in our lives.
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