4 Ways to Prepare for a New School Year

Wow! Tomorrow is the first day of school for many in our area. Last night, was the end of a great summer and the start of the new school year. This season is always so busy, am I right? You are figuring out what your new schedule looks like with new schools and extracurricular activities, and possibly both with more than one student.
 Another thing that may be on your mind is the influences on your student’s day in and day out. You are thinking about how this may affect your kiddo and how should you prepare yourself. The root of tips below come out of Deuteronomy 6:4-9, I pray that these 4 tips will be helpful to ease your heart and prepare you.

1. Pray for your student

Ask the Lord to have His hand on your student. Ask that He protect them and lead them closer to Him. Our whole existence is built around our need for God, and once we are connected to Him to share Him with others. Pray that your student stands out among their peers and represents the Lord well. Pray that they also are strengthened when they come up against temptation.

2. Pray for your student's teachers and classmates

Pray for the people that will come in contact with your students throughout the day. Each of these interactions has a chance to influence your student, both believers, and non-believers. Unfortunately, even for those that are believers, there are many influences in our schools that you may not agree with. Let us pray that God is in our schools this year. Pray that those who know the Lord will represent and see our schools as their mission field.

3. Talk about the values that lead your family

New year, new student. Your student is going to potentially have different classmates, school, teachers, and even locker. With all this change, this a good time to revisit your home values, which are the motivations for your expectations. This will help your student reconnect with them before school as an easy refresher. This will also strengthen your student to walk the path that is before them.

4. Identify other Christ-loving adults in your student's life

The primary influence of your student is your family, but we also believe that it is the church responsibility to partner to raise up your students. In the Kids/Youth ministry world, there is this thing called the 5 students:1 leader ratio. This gives us the coverage to make sure that no kids are hurt or lost. Chap Clark is a great you ministry mind and he had a change for this ratio. Chap said, "What would the youth of today look like if we had 5 caring adults to invest in the spiritual journey of one kid/student?"
 Who are the other adults in your student's life, that you can identify, that care about their walk with the Lord? Take a moment to reach out and find out how you can band together for your student.
As you go on with your day, I pray that you know our church is with you and praying for your family. No one person has the answers on how to raise teenagers, but if we all point them toward Christ together, then I believe that God will honor and work in that. Exciting things are coming this school year and I pray that it’s the best year yet!
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