2019 Nicaragua Trip Day 4

We spent today in San Rafael a community about 1 hour outside of Managua toward the Pacific Coast. In the morning we went to Los Pipitos, a center for children with special needs that the church is very involved with. Our team was so blessed to get to play with these children and see the joy that they have. We bought the kids a piñata that they, little by little, smashed to pieces. Several of them got to keep one of the legs of the dog-shaped piñata. It was a prized possession. We played play-doh with them, kicked around soccer balls, and just enjoyed their company. These kids gifted us with so much joy and brightened our day.
After lunch we headed to San Rafael del Sur Church to help prepare for the celebration of the church's two year anniversary. While some of the team used their limited decorating skills to blow up balloons and hang up streamers, the others were keeping the kids entertained. There was a very sweaty game of duck duck goose or,  as we played it, pato pato ganso. We danced to some children's songs that are popular here, and taught them American songs. Pastor Jousue was a big fan of Baby Shark. And while some were laughing and playing outside with the kids, others participated in an intense game of soccer. Once the decorations were up and the floors were cleaned we loaded onto the bus. To end the day, Pastor Jousue and Yamilet joined us for dinner and an amazing devotional time. Today was a great opportunity to let God's love shine through us and to celebrate what God is doing in the church.
Tomorrow we will spend a day of relaxation at a lagoon inside an inactive volcano. Beautiful pictures to come! We are sad that our time of ministry is over, but have been forever changed. Thank you to all of our familys, church, financial supporters and friends who have come on this journey with us. Please be patient with us when we get home and talk incesitly about what we experiened. When you have such a profound experience and spiritual clarity it is hard to not talk about it. God is GOOD! (written by Noel Shelton) 

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