2019 Nicaragua Trip Day 3

Today was our second day in the community of  Villa Carmen. Or morning was spent with our team split. Several spent time playing with the kids while two team members joined Pastor Juan and Pastora Juanita in the kitchen preparing the food for the feeding program. It is such an interesting setup because the kitchen looks out onto the area where the kids were laughing, dancing and playing games.
Two of our team members worked side by side with Pastor Juan who has a passion for baking. With great attention to detail he kneaded and formed the dough lake a master artisan.  As the helpers planned a faster more efficient way, Pastor gave correction and instruction every step of the way. The final products were very telling. The ones made by Pastor Juan held together in the hot oil and came out perfectly. The ones our team made were, well.... not perfect.
Later the discussion went to Jeremiah 18 where the Lord told Jeremiah to go to the potters house. When the pot he was working on would be imperfect, he would break it and use the broken pieces to make one that was more like the image he saw in his mind. The potter had a vision of what he wanted from the start. We are made in the image of Christ and often we make mistakes or are broken by circumstance and the Master potter is there to put us back together and molds us into something closer to the image of God.
The remainder of our day was spent visiting a church in a neighboring town that Pastor Juan and Pastora Juanita have been planting for the last 3 years. They have acquired a piece of property and have been meeting in and empty field. A new shelter is being constructed that will offer protection from the weather. We were able to help with the last bit of supplies needed to complete the shelter. What an inspiring time we had with them as we visited house after house where they have home groups that meet weekly. No building, not bathrooms, no shelter .... but the CHURCH. It's people.
We learned so much today about the sacrifice and joy that is found in the simplicity of relational ministry. 15 home groups meeting in homes through out the community dreaming about the day when they can all be together under one roof.
Pray with us as we seek God for what our next steps will be as we partner with this church. All we know today is that we fell in love with the heart and passion for God and his people in this beautiful couple. Let's dream about what God will do!

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