2109 Nicaragua Trip Day 2

When our team arrived to Villa Carmen (a house/church that hosts a feeding program for the local school children) the ladies immediately jumped into Pastora Juanita's kitchen routine and began cooking. Soy patties, rice, and beans were prepared for the children that would soon be arriving to the house from school. It was during this time that the ladies got to hear Pastora's testimony...cue the waterworks. What an amazing and true servant of God! While the food was being cooked, many children were already in the backyard playing various games with the other members of our team. Once all the food was ready and the school children had arrived, we served the kids food and let them dig in!
After everyone's bellies were full, part of the team gathered kids up and headed to the park. You can't even imagine the way those kids' faces lit up when we told them we were FINALLY going to "el parque"...they had only been asking all morning! While the backyard of Villa Carmen worked as a makeshift playground, the kids were so happy to have the extra space and equipment that the nearby park provided. Once we got to the park, it was nonstop for the next few hours. The younger kids found entertainment in swinging, playing various games (including one where Storm and Rocky were ridden around like horses/donkeys), throwing balls at each other, and simply chasing each other. The older kids, however, participated in a very intense game of "futbol'...and let me tell you, they could have taken down any high school soccer player back home. Meanwhile, the other part of the team was invited on a walk through the community with Pastora Juanita.
As we talked to Pastora Juanita on the walk, she began to open up to us about future opportunities for her church. The house she is hosting church and her feeding program in, is quite frankly way too small for the amount of people she hosts/helps. With this being said, Pastora took us by an abandoned, but well kept piece of property that would be perfect for her ever growing church. She told us, like many other times in her life, that she is putting it completely in God's hands, though, and praying that the door be opened if it be His will. After that, we stopped by a lady named Argentina's home. Argentina is a member at Pastora Juanita's church who hosts home group Bible studies in her home. She welcomed us with open arms and the most contagious smile you could ever imagine. Argentina and three of her family members were some of the first people to be baptized in Juanita's church, so they hold a very special place in her heart. Lastly, we visited a woman named Amelia and her bedridden husband, Noelle. We prayed many prayers of healing over her husband as Pastora has been doing for many months.
After leaving Villa Carmen, we were able to stop by El Canyon, where the vision for Hope Road began. Our team got to see how big of a difference only a couple of years can make on a place. We got to see many new additions on the school that we have previously hosted VBS at, that make it possible to educate many more kids. We also got to see many changes that have been made to the orphanage since we last visited.
Thanks for going on the journey with us. We will update you again tomorrow.
(Written by Britty Daubert)

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Cathy Peace Nichols - July 16th, 2019 at 7:28am

Britty, I am following your adventures and am so enjoying the updates! So happy you are doing this! Makes my heart smile and I know God is smiling at all of you!! Much love, thoughts, and prayers