2019 Nicaragua Trip Day 1

Day 1- 

Los Solices
Over the next week we hope you will join with us as we take this missions trip and represent Bridgepointe Church in reaching out to those we encounter with the love of Christ. For more than 10 years we have been taking teams to Managua to minister alongside some amazing people. 

Our travel was perfect and we arrived at the Hope Road guest house and hosted a party for some of our ministry partners: Maria Elena the principal of Martin Luther King School, Pastor Josue and Yamilet our church planters, Helen Castro from New Image ministry to women coming out of human trafficking. It was a time full of stories and looking back over the many years of ministry. What a blessing!

Today (Sunday, July 14) was our first full day of ministry. We begin and end each day in a time of Devotions together. The scripture that was shared this morning was 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 where Paul says that anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!  We attended church and baptism service at New Emanuel Church in the community of Los Solices. 3 women were baptized and we witnessed first hand the changing power of Christ as these ladies bravely stood in front of their friends and family and professed Christ and were baptized. The old IS GONE and the NEW has come!

Following services we spent time with Pastor Jousue, Yamilet and their leadership team New Emanuel.  They told us about the progress made it the community. Stories of lifes changed and the vision of the new sewing school. Of course, no hang out is complete without food. More specifically, cake! The team threw Malcolm a birthday party complete with balloons, cake and singing. We were so encouraged by what God is doing in this community.

Following lunch we spent some time in the park playing kickball, whiffle ball and really anything we could think of to engage the kids. Our team was amazing with them. There were smiles, sweat, laughter and lots of happy little kids! We couldn't understand each other...but competition was still fierce.

Next we had the opportunity to do the feeding program with them and because the Americans were here, we had hot dogs. It was not beans and rice they are used to, but the line still stretched around the house, though the yard and out into the street. They waited patiently as we fumbled with our limited food service skills and served them their hot dog and cool-aide with a smile. It was a nice way to end a full day of ministry.

Thanks for going along with us on the journey and putting up with any spelling and gramatical errors...its late, we are tired, but is a good tired. That tired that comes from a day full of ministry and celebration of who God is and how He changes lives. 

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Amy Richard - July 15th, 2019 at 7:53am

Prayers will cover you all. Excited you are letting us follow your love spilling out all over the place. Much love and safety Amy Richard

Let us know specific prayer needs as they arise too, ps wearing my bracelet